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....Kratin Mining Coaching Programs

The entry of private sector in mining industry has fuelled the demand for qualified and competent technical personnel across the entire mining sector. In this context, it becomes imperative that a systematic grooming approach is adopted to ensure timely availability of such personnel to cater to the growing demands of both coal as well as metal mining sectors.

Presently, the facilities available through organised sector for imparting quality coaching to mining personnel, as a preparatory process for appearing in the competency certification examinations, are fairly restricted as well as quite scarce. As a consequence, the process of preparing and clearing these examinations proves to be a highly daunting task for majority of the candidates.

In the above context, to ensure timely availability of required qualified technical manpower, Kratin has taken up the initiative by offering quality guidance and imparting value added coaching through “Kratin Mining Academy”, Nagpur for all the mining related competency examinations listed below:


1st Class Manager's Certificate of Competency (Coal/Metal)
2nd Class Manager's Certificate of Competency (Coal/Metal)
Surveyor's Certificate of Competency
Overman's Certificate of Competency
Foreman's Certificate of Competency
Mining Sirdar's Certificate of Competency
Mining Mate's Certificate of Competency
Gas Testing Certificate of Competency


Kratin conducts workshops on specialized skills and also provides refresher training for executives in mining, electrical & mechanical cadres of coal & metal mines.